Marketing Strategy

Ditra Strategy: Marketing Strategy

Ditra helps clients define their marketing strategy. Modern marketing is always on, omni-channel and content-driven. We help you fully optimize your marketing strategy aligned with the digital, mobile and social activities of today’s customers.

  • Positioning Strategy: We analyze the current market reality and face your business with a view from the outside. It’s about how to get a fit with customers, how you show your relevance and how to make a difference.
  • Omni-Channel Strategy: We help you to integrate the many different channels, delivering the optimal journey in a customer centric way driven by CRM, data and behavior.
  • Content Strategy: We identify the types of content that resonate with your audiences and guide you in creating and delivering it at the right time, at the right place and through the right media.


The digitization of the customer and 24/7 connectivity has brought a lot of dynamism in the market and has broken traditional consumption patterns. Nowadays, we see customer expectations around service and the way to interact changing rapidly. The resulting disruption of traditional product / market combinations has a significant impact on your strategy. Easy access to information makes the market more transparent and requires a different strategic approach. The marketing strategy contributes to the perseverance of your organization and gives direction to the vision.

How we help:

Creativity and market expertise is what Ditra offers; by combining marketing and IT knowledge, we eminently know how to translate the digital developments into your strategy.

We help you tackle questions such as: Is your marketing strategy in balance in times of digital transformation? Is your market approach optimally arranged, are online and offline working in close harmony? Do you have your Omni channel marketing in place?

The ability to swiftly respond to changes (agility) becomes a critical success factor. Flexibility and the ability to quickly adapt are requirements to operate successfully in the current market. Agility certainly also applies to your marketing strategy. Maintaining and expanding your market position, including the development of new segments with appropriate propositions, requires a lot of your organization. Necessary marketing insights are increasingly fed by behavioral variables, which we obtain through the digital highway. These smart data give more market insight than traditional market research.

Success requires courage, flexibility and a healthy entrepreneurship. Fact-based cases and rapid real live testing provide more insight than endlessly conducting research. This agile process is the key to success.