Business Strategy & IT Strategy

Ditra Strategy: Business and IT Strategy

Ditra helps clients to identify their optimal future state, aligning business needs with the nexus of technology, and develop the roadmap to realisation.

We guide clients towards answers to key questions, such as:

  • How does technology enable the business vision today and in the future?
  • What are the current state and future ambitions of our technology capabilities?
  • How can we close the financial & technology gaps?
  • How do we deliver on the future state, taking into account (operation- and transition-) budgets and competing priorities?


The pace of change is accelerating; companies need to rethink, or even re-imagine, their role in the eco-system. Simply focusing on operational efficiency is often not enough anymore.

The role of technology in enabling and realizing business goals is increasing. Technology opens new markets but also brings new competition. The coming years are both focused on reaping the benefits of new technologies as well as building new business models. The IT strategy helps you to enable and support the defined Business direction.

How we help:

We like to develop strategies in a rational way.

Our Strategy approach takes the business model and existing business strategy as a starting point. We than assess the current state and capabilities of IT. In the assessment we make use of interviews, document analysis and research to fully grasp your state of IT and how it aligns with your business. We support you in defining your priorities and principles.

Our strategy development continues by exploring options and alternatives by making use of scenario’s. These scenario’s are examined from different perspectives, to thoroughly move towards the right decision.

With strategic priorities in mind, we lay out a roadmap to bring your business model and the underpinning IT to its optimal future state. That typically involves developing a short-term plan to improve capabilities, such as processes and resources, as well as a longer-term plan to reshape technology solutions, including digital marketing, sales, infrastructure and mobile applications.

Finally, we look practically at how an organization can achieve its goals, taking into account budget constraints and competing priorities

With our strategy approach we are able to have a closer look at your organisation, without loosing sight on your specific demands. The defined strategy enables you to go forward into a next stage.