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Ditra Strategy – Business cases and Sourcing selection

Ditra helps clients with building and financial assessing business cases alligned with the strategy. We guide clients toward answers to three key questions:

  • Which option provides the best contribution to realizing the business vision?
  • What are the costs, benefits and risks for each option?
  • Make or Buy?


Business cases, if created and used at all, often form a complex step in the strategy definition. After a business case has been generated, potential yields are not effectively exploited in most cases.

Research shows that less than 50% of all CFO’s and CIO’s have put effort in researching the financial impact their strategy scenarios.

Having an adequate business case can make a significant difference between succeeding or failing in your strategy.

A provider selection process is increasingly more output-driven, however, organisations still struggle with defining their requirements and translating them to a tender. Currently, due to the shortened contract duration and increasing number of contracted suppliers, there is definitely a need to reduce selection duration and cost without increasing the risks.

The traditional provider selection processes does not suit the demands of both buyers as suppliers.

How we help:

Business Case

We believe that strategic decisions require financial underpinning. We help clients take the defined strategy to the next level by working out various options in business cases and assessing the impact of each scenario on strategic selection criteria.

We believe that an effective business case takes into account business logic and financial perspectives that include market data. Together with other specific themes, this will enable effective decision-making and evaluation during the process. We developed a standard approach for business cases, which can be customized to the client’s IT objectives/situation.

Our approach ensures that issues will be thought through, benefits will be realized on time, organisational and technical aspects will be (financially) evaluated and estimated. It also enables tracking and measuring achievements at any moment in later phases of the implementation of your strategy.

Sourcing selection

After carefully selecting the best business case we help clients in their make or buy deliberation:  We help by organizing a better selection and decision-making process and support you in building the required materials in an efficient and hands-on manner. To facilitate a more structured and detailed approach without losing time, we developed an approach with pragmatic steps, checklists and templates. The steps in the approach are closely linked to a competitive dialogue approach. They allow for interaction, which can be crucial in the process of making the best choice.

Ditra works together with Outsourcing Hub to speed up selection processes and reduce cost while improving the quality of the outcome. Curious? Contact us!

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