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Professional services

About Project:

Keywords: Democratization of decision making, increase flexibility for professional services company, reduce cost, enter into the cloud, revised sourcing strategy, no one-size-fits-all, data center migration, provider selection

Reason: A Professional services company decided to decentralize the management control to become agile and to strive for more flexibility and a shorter time to market. In parallel, a number of strategic decisions of the company made apparent that the on-premise central hosting organization was unable to adapt and change at the same speed, leading to increased cost. Outsourcing the entire hosting organization to one supplier would increase cost as shown in the related business case.

Facts: 4 European countries, 3800 workplaces, 23 months ROI.

Approach: After a failed contracting to one supplier following a single vendor strategy, we helped  the client by proposing an alternative decentralized international approach. After an international investigation this decentralized approach is further elaborated in a sound business case.

This proposal and business case is accepted by the Board of Directors. Subsequently a program plan is drafted and an international program board installed and made operational and effective. The program consist of 9 projects in 4 different countries. For some countries, new providers are selected and contracted, thereby making use of private and of public cloud solutions.  Currently, the projects and transitions to the individual suppliers in their respective countries are successfully realized and the objectives are met.


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June 23, 2015
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