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About Project:

Keywords : Strategy alignment, Change management, ERP, open source workplace concepts, cost reduction, globalisation

Reason: The CEO of a globally acting- fast growing meat processing company asked us to respond to the clients question "What IT solutions are today in the market that adequately support our ‘Meat processing value chain’ process." A clear and complete overview of the actual Business and Information Architecture for the entire group was not available. In addition, extensions were required in the short and medium term, and it was unclear whether the current (undocumented) architecture was future proof for these extensions.

In discussion with the client it became apparent that a good future-proof IT strategy is lacking. The advice to the client was to develop the IT strategy in a pragmatic way and lay the foundation on which future IT initiatives can be developed and implemented.

Facts: 30 million revenue, 20-30% annual growth, 4 continents, privately owned.

Approach: We combined two approaches in this assignment. At first we introduced the 7 steps in the creative process to enable a committed strategy, by making use of change management concepts. Secondly, we investigated the as-is situation, followed by designing a to-be situation that can be used to develop future scenario's. At the same time this connects to the possible next steps.
Reasoning from a top-down perspective we proposed the acceptance of the financial model in a first workshop. In the second workshop, there was room for further detailing the logistic model of the ERP scenario. The strategy consists of a Business vision, IT strategy, IT architecture, Scenario for ERP & workplace automation, Governance design and a Transformation map.

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June 23, 2015
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