Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing


The Time of customer segmentation based on sociodemographic variables and subsequently approaching them via traditional marketing channels lies behind us. The consumer no longer accepts that they are put in the same pigeon-hole. The behavior has moved from the physical world to the online environment and specifically mobile. Behavior is a crucial aspect to distinct the various consumers. That behavior mainly happens online now and can be well monitored. This radical change is the driver behind the disruption occurring in many markets and shows the need to embrace digital marketing.

How we help:

Traditional marketing and sales channels deliver less response and are more difficult to use. Consumers indicate that they no longer wish to be contacted through these channels. How do we get in touch with the consumer then? The marketing mix should be redesigned taking today’s consumer into account. The strategy must be agile, ready for timely action. Build a clear proposition, ready to offer online. Create awareness for this proposition by content creation, an online advertising strategy and SEO. Ensure that this content is shared, creating footprint within the target group. Follow this process by closely monitoring the KPIs, such as leads, Time on Site, likes and shares. The footprint paves the way for the conversion, using marketing automation and e-commerce. At this stage, online and offline channels are combined to optimize the conversion. Contextual relevance is resulting in a higher conversion, so content plays an important role. After the sale the focus is on consumer advocacy; make sure that enthusiastic consumers talk about you and act as ambassadors for your brand. This is mainly through social media, in addition, this group may be targeted for repeat sales.

Through the combination of marketing strategy and in depth IT knowledge Ditra can guide you in your digital transformation. The transition to the new strategy should be designed with care and frictionless as business continues during the renovation. Besides the traditional market operation, online knowledge and experience must be developed before these channels can be combined. The ideal mix to achieve reach and conversion is the combination of online and offline channels; Omni Channel. Ditra has eminent expertise and helps you with the digital transformation.