Realize the change

Realize the change

Ditra helps clients realise the change; Our role is to ensure successful implementation of strategies and guidance of the transformation, or, where required, diagnose potential effectiveness issues and prescribe an action plan to get a faltering project back on track. We orchestrate delivery to ensure that technology investment translates into business outcomes.

We deliver interim expertise, such as program management and organisational change management, to help you deal with changes and deliver results. We deliver the required know how and do how at the right place at the right time.


Every year, companies invest millions of Euros in large change projects to enable strategic initiatives or to upgrade aging systems, but fail to achieve their promised benefits. Sometimes those projects suffer because they aren’t adequately planned or correctly scoped. In other cases, it’s because senior executives don’t realize that transformations are as much about the organization and its operations as they are about the technology. They may lose sight of the project’s business goals (the 'Why') or fail to put in program leaders capable of realising change.

How we help:

Ditra helps you realize the change with a structured approach and we add skills and resources where required.

We believe that implementing a strategy goes with developing a program plan, to pay high attention to the governance from the beginning and to stick to the plan. Leadership and sponsorship are of major importance. We make us of Managing Successful Programmes (MSP®) as a methodology that comprises a set of principles and processes for use when managing a program. A program is made up of a specific set of projects identified by an organisation that together will deliver some defined objective, or set of objectives, for the organisation. The objectives, or goals, of the program are typically at a strategic level so that the organisation can achieve benefits and improvements in its business operation.

There is a close link between Program Management and project management because the program is made up of projects and is only successful if the projects within it succeed. The concept of a program is that it should deliver more than the 'sum of its parts'. For Projects we basically use Prince2 as project management method and integrate that into Managing Succesfiull programs to build a coherent governance.