Optimise the run

Optimise the run

Ditra helps companies remove inefficiencies and costs and improve the demand and supply match. We provide unique expertise, diagnostics and models that help identify and rationalize operational investments and process efficiency.

We guide clients towards answers to key questions such as:

  • Are efforts and investments focused on what matters most to the business?
  • Do we have the right people, processes and technology to deliver to meet business needs to succeed?
  • Do we get the right services and at the right price?
  • How can we remove unnecessary complexity impairing agility and responsiveness?


Digitalization is redefining the future of business. While the pace of change is high and accelerating, companies are more than ever required to organize their operations efficiently and ensure they get the most out of their IT investment. A sluggish IT department limits a company’s ability to adapt to shifting market demands, increases the time it takes to release new products and services, and damages customer satisfaction. When IT underperforms, it hurts business performance and hinders innovation

For optimization transparency is key. Transparency helps companies to optimize their application landscape, IT infrastructure, operations, IT brokering, Web-scale IT and DevOps as well as top CIO priorities such as mobility, cloud, growth, innovation and agility.

How we help:

Depending on the issue, we help to optimise your current situation by means of auditing, benchmarking, optimising with help of Lean, reconnecting with suppliers via mediation, or increase transparency by implementing cost management. We understand that without friction there won’t be any improvement.

We believe that transparancy and comparison to peers are conditons to optimise the running business. We are looking to processes in terms of value chains, visualising the big picture and understanding the business as a whole. Changing environments, human behaviour, competition, conflicts with suppliers and technical enables are of major impact and could create urgency to optimise or change the value chain. Once we determine which IT or business process needs an overhaul, the first step is to list out all the key components of the process. These should be fundamental, unchangeable aspects of the process.

Change requires effort. Basically, we prefer to work based on facts and truly strive to connect in case of frictions, in a way that the optimisation does not consume unnecessary energy that can better spent on building a better situation.