Improving a company's ability to grow faster requires rethinking a business' strategy, organization, capabilities, and culture. At Ditra we help companies by innovating and -transforming their business in a digital disrupted world and realize that change. We design and optimize strategies & operations and optimally blend in the latest- and forthcoming digital solutions.

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Ditra Strategy

Helps you to identify the optimal future state of your business; digitally enabled, aligned with business needs and guided by a strategic roadmap to implementation.

Ditra Consulting

Helps you transform your businesses by using our knowledge & expertise to identify issues and realize change with innovative, tailor-made solutions.

Ditra Digital

Helps you Identify & seize emerging opportunities, optimize user experiences and establish the foundation to optimally support the entire structure.


Ditra's clients share our passion for results and it shows in their success. Companies that outperform the market like to work with us.

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Why we are different

Because we don’t consider our work to be work, it’s our priority. That’s where the fun is. Fundamental, awesome, effective, awarded work makes clients and us happy.

Not every part of our services is unique, but how we effectively blend it all together is;

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